Integrated e-health strategy: added value for Europe’s citizens

From electronic health records to telemedicine, the digitization of healthcare in the countries of the European Union is progressing at different speeds and resembles a patchwork quilt. It is certainly true that there are a large number of promising European initiatives in the e-health sector. But a clear, pan-European vision is still lacking. In an impulse paper, we argue for an integrated e-health strategy. This blog post shows why and how such a strategy should be geared toward the needs of citizens.

Meerjungfrau in Kopenhagen mit Tablet. Auf dem Display ist eine Anwendung zu sehen. Meerjungfrau in Kopenhagen hoch. Auf dem Display ist eine Anwendung zu sehen.

From Parkinson’s disease therapy to stroke treatment – telemedicine’s long journey to acceptance in standard health care

The German Telemedicine Portal lists a total of 169 telemedicine projects in the country. The range of items covered point to the areas where telemedicine is helping improve health care delivery and close gaps in the healthcare sector. However, many projects fail to develop beyond the pilot phase to become part of standard care. Indeed, Germany currently features a patchwork quilt of telemedicine. Last year, we took a closer look at four pioneering projects, examining the key factors driving their success. In the coming weeks, individual representatives of these pioneering projects will be invited to offer their thoughts here in this blog.

E-Mental-Health und Algorithmen: Dr. Adrian Aguilera im Interview

Digital applications in Psychotherapy: Finding an efficient Blend between the Technology and the Human – An Interview with Dr. Adrian Aguilera

To better involve patients in their therapy, researchers at the Berkeley School of Social Welfare of the University of California have developed an algorithm-based text messaging service. The service is designed to help improving the treatment of depression in members of ethnic minorities and social strata with a lower income. This way, patients are supported with their homework, regular attendance of therapy sessions and medication intake. We have asked Adrian Aguilera, head of the program, about his experiences with using digital support for psychotherapy.

Blog launched: Spotlight on digital health

What relevance do healthcare apps have for healthcare? Is big data revolutionizing medicine? Is “Dr. Google” replacing our physicians? Stakeholders throughout the system agree that digitization is changing healthcare. Yet there are very different views and opinions regarding the opportunities and limits of digital transformation. With its “Digital Patient” project, the Bertelsmann Stiftung aims to […]