The “Digital Patient” project is working to ensure digitization serves health needs

The Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Digital Patient project takes a close look at the impact of digitization on healthcare. The socioeconomic effects of digital transformation processes underway are a key focus of our work, which emphasizes not what’s technologically feasible, but instead weighs digitization’s opportunities against its risks and targets the development of win-win strategies. Our goal is to leverage this development’s benefits for patients and society as a whole.

“We want to help ensure that digitization serves the needs of health.”

Uwe Schwenk, Program Director, Bertelsmann Stiftung

The project’s four thematic modules

Key components of the project include carrying out analyses of various themes and developing conceptual strategies. In addition, we aim to promote dialogue between the various stakeholders involved in the field. Four topics define the conceptual boundaries:

  1. Telematics infrastructure and the electronic health card – what role do citizens play
  2. Health literacy in the digital age
  3. Transferring innovations into standard care
  4. Big data and predictive medicine

The “30 under 40” expert network

The project is accompanied by 30 young thought leaders from a broad spectrum of fields. The network is designed to provide creative input and broaden our views on various issues, opinions and the future development of digital health. Click here to learn more about the creative thinkers in our “30 under 40” expert network.

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